a quick npm package size checker (Visit Counter)


* Check the console for error messages and bundled code.

* Every 10 results the console will be cleared.

* Note: Treeshaking is available, but since esbuild and rollup doesn't have access to each packages package.json, it assumes that there are sideEffects.

* If an error occurs try using a different CDN, by default bundle uses cdn.skypack.dev but you can use others, here is a list of CDN's that I know of:


* All text with cross through lines, are no longer true

I used monaco-editor for the code-editor, esbuild rollup as a bundler, pako as a js port of the zlib and gzip libraries, pretty-bytes to convert the gzip size to human readable values, and countapi-js to keep track of the number of page visits, in a private and secure way.

This project was greatly influenced by hardfists neo-tools and mizchi's uniroll project.

bundle is a quick and easy way to bundle your projects and see the minified and gzip size, it's similar to bundlephobia but does all the work locally on you computer and can treeshake multiple packages (both commonjs and esm) into a bundle, it currently doesn't support JSX, but packages without JSX are good.

The project isn't perfect, I am still working on an autocomplete, hover intellisence, better mobile support and the high memory usage of esbuild and monaco as well as some edge case packages, e.g. fastify.

If there is something I missed, a mistake, or a feature you would like added please create an issue or a pull request and I'll try to get to it. You can contribute to this project at okikio/bundle.

bundle uses Conventional Commits as the style of commit, and the Commitizen CLI to make commits easier.

You can join the discussion on github discussions.